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Ennegram Services

Groups can be any number of people up to 20. I have led group workshops for a midwifery practice, a midwifery school, a co-housing community, and a wedding retreat. Workshops will be recorded on mp3 at the request of participants.

Individual consultation to discuss your enneagram type
1 hour $100

Group lecture: Introduction to the Enneagram
3 hours $200

Group workshop, 1 day – an overview of the background, three
centers of intelligence, and nine personality types

Group workshop, 2 days – same as 1 day, above, in more detail
plus The Illusionary System (see description, below) and
understanding how the types interact

Group workshop, 3 days – same as 2 day, above, in more detail
plus using the enneagram for transformation


Material covered in workshops includes:
The history, sacred geometry, and mathematics of the Enneagram
The nine personality types: discovering who you are

A discussion of each type which includes:
—Compulsion or passion
—Avoidance technique
—Orientation to time
—Holy virtue or particular facet of the Divine

The three centers of intelligence (head, heart, body), including for each:
—Higher purpose
—Method of connecting to reality
—How self-concept is formed
—How situations are approached
—Deepest concern
—Deepest need
—Biggest weakness
—Life struggle

The three repressed centers (thinking, feeling, doing), including for each:
—Relation to life
—Approach to problem solving

The Illusionary System, including for each type:
—The deception and pseudo-deception
—The antidote and pseudo-antidote
—The illusion of reality
—The personal statement of self-justification
—The orientation toward time
—The Divine Image and lifelong quest

Understanding what each type needs and how the types interact
Using the Enneagram as a process for transformation

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