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Astrology Services

Birth data is required for all astrological services, including date, time, and place of birth (city, state). All consultations are recorded on mp3.  CDs are available upon request.


A general overview of your birth chart including your Ascendant, Sun, and Moon placements, and your current planetary time period and planetary transits of your birth chart.
90 minutes – $100



A look at the five sources of energy in your chart, based on how the Sun and Moon were interacting when you were born:

1. Vara:  Solar day – day of the week you were born – indicates your particular creative force as well as your physical and mental vitality
2. Nakshatra:  Constellation of the Moon – describes your quality of mind and emotions which indicates how your creative force is directed and grown
3. Tithi:  The phase of the Moon – indicates your attitude toward life, your happiness and emotional stability, and how you relate to others
4. Karana:  Half a tithi – indicates action, or how you do what is necessary to bring your life to fruition
5. Nitya Yoga:  The union of the degrees of the Sun and Moon –  gives or denies a feeling of security and support which indicates the integrity of the entire life and how the creations of life are held together
90 minutes – $100



Called Varshaphal, a chart for the position of the planets on your birthday in relation to your birth chart which gives indications of focus in the coming year
90 minutes – $100



Called Muhurta, selecting a chart for the most auspicious time to do something:  a wedding, surgery, moving, starting a new job, buying a house or a car, etc.
90 minutes – $100



One’s personal gifts, challenges, and needs in relationship and how these affect how one relates to others – this is required for both parties before a Relationship Compatibility Consultation.
90 minutes – $100


Comparing the birth charts of a couple to identify their particular areas of ease and challenge – this could be a romantic couple, a parent and child, or any two people.  A Relationship Potential Consultation for each person is required.  A Natal Consultation and/or Personal Panchanga Consultation is recommended also.
90 minutes – $100



An in-depth exploration of your natal Moon’s constellation placement, including its astronomy, its symbol, host planet and its placement in your chart, its animal, its deity, its gifts and challenges, its particular shakti or power, and its seed sound.
60 minutes – $60



I am available for any questions about life in relation to your birth chart after you have had a Natal Consultation.
30 minutes – $30



The syllable indicated by your Moon nakshatra placement, recommended as the start of your name or as a meditation mantra.

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