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Astrological Remedies

The birth chart indicates strengths and blessings, as well as difficulties and challenges.  Hindu thought places a great deal of emphasis on measures that can be taken to improve or eradicate difficulties in the birth chart.  These are called astrological remedies.  If the condition of a particular planet in the birth chart indicates challenges, things can be done to ease the difficult indications of that planet.  There are several different kinds of remedies, listed below.

Service is always the best remedy and the first thing to be considered when choosing remedies.  Each planet is associated with specific people, animals, plants, and places.  Doing service for one or more of these things is thought to improve that planet’s significations in one’s life.  For example, the Moon is associated with mothers, nurses, cooks, sea creatures, and oceans.  Caring for mothers or doing rescue work for animals after an oil spill would be Moon remedies.

Mantras are words / phrases that are repeated.  Sanskrit is considered a holy language that, when pronounced correctly, connects one to the divine. Sound is the vibration by which energy is converted into matter. This idea is found in many spiritual traditions, including the Holy Bible story of creation—God spoke, and it was so.  There are specific mantras for each planet that can be repeated to connect one to the purest energy of that planet.  The simplest mantras are the seed, or bija, mantras:

Sun = Om Soom Suraya Namaha

Moon = Om Chum Chundraya Namaha

Mars = Ohm Koom Kujaya Namaha

Mercury = Ohm Boom Boodhaya Namaha

Jupiter = Ohm Breem Breehaspataye Namaha

Venus = Ohm Shoom Shookraya Namaha

Saturn = Ohm Shum Shanaye Namaha

Rahu = Ohm Ram Rahave Namaha

Ketu = Ohm Kame Kateve Namaha

Here is a link to more info:

You Tube is a good source for finding planetary mantras that you can chant along with until you learn them.


Fasting on the planet’s day is seen as a penance to the planet’s energy.  Each day of the week is associated with a planet:

Sunday = Sun

Monday = Moon

Tuesday = Mars (named in English after the Norse god Tiews, who was the equivalent of Mars)

Wednesday = Mercury (named in English after the Norse god Wodin, who was the equivalent of Mercury)

Thursday = Jupiter (named in English after the Norse god Thor, who was the equivalent of Jupiter)

Friday = Venus (named in English after the Norse goddess Freya, who was the equivalent of Venus)

Saturday = Saturn

Fasting is done from sunrise to sunset, with the exception of water, juice, and fruit.  If fasting is not recommended for health reasons, one can instead do a talking fast or a computer fast.

Yantras are geometric drawings that are thought to act on a psychological level to balance a person.  Some yantras contain number grids that connect to the unconscious mind and allow a deeper understanding of the energies it represents.  There are yantras for each planet which may be placed where one can gaze upon it while meditating or reciting a mantra.

Pujas and Yagyas are Hindu ceremonies that honor deities.  Each planet is considered to be a deity.  Performing one of these ceremonies for the planetary deity is thought to balance the energy of that planet in one’s life.

Gemstones may be worn as planetary remedies, but this must be done with care, since wearing the gem of a difficult planet in one’s chart may actually give that energy more strength to cause problems in one’s life.  Gems should be last when considering remedies.  It is much better to choose a remedy that requires some action rather than passively wearing a gem.

An astrologer can recommend particular planets in one’s chart that would benefit from remedies.  It is also helpful to carry out remedies that help to keep the planets balanced in one’s life.  For example, on Sunday one might donate to a lion preservation organization, wear orange clothing, eat oranges, and chant the Sun mantra 108 times while gazing on a Sun yantra.  On Monday, one might babysit, wear off-white clothing, eat rice pudding, and chant the Moon mantra 108 times while gazing at a Moon mantra, and so on.  Here are the colors for the planets:

Sun = orange

Moon = off-white

Mars = red

Mercury = green

Jupiter = yellow

Venus = pure white, or pastel multi-colors

Saturn = black, dark blue, dark purple


Not all these remedies need be carried out for each day.  Just pick one, like the mantra for the day.  A piece of jewelry may be worn that contains small bits of the gems of all nine planets.  This is thought to balance all the planetary energies.  There are also specific mantras that include all nine planets.

Remedies can seem like superstition, and indeed, they can be used in this way.  One might think that if only I do all these remedies, all my difficulties will be lifted.  Yet on another level, it is beneficial psychologically to do for others what one desires most for oneself, and to align one’s speech and attention to these ancient archetypes that describe the human experience.

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