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About Rhonda

Rhonda Busby Astrologer Ennegram Life Coaching

I spent the first part of my life searching for Life’s Instruction Manual, and the latter part reveling in the many maps of the journey that are available to us.  I love the richness and diversity of different paradigms and modalities for healing, living, and being.  I see myself as a storyteller who helps people make sense of their existence by offering a unique perspective through Vedic astrology and the Enneagram. These insights together with life coaching can help people embrace the life they were meant to live, and move forward with excitement, zest, and wonder.


I have training and experience in many modalities:

Nursing             I received an associate degree in nursing from Loma Linda University in 1973.  I worked as a registered nurse in all areas of hospital nursing for ten years, focusing the last few years on maternity nursing.  I received a bachelor’s degree in nursing in 1985 from the Regents External Degree Program.

Midwifery             I graduated from Seattle Midwifery in 1981 and became a Licensed Midwife.  I completed the refresher course at Booth Maternity Center in Philadelphia and became a certified nurse-midwife in 1983.  I have had a long and varied career as a midwife, as an employee and in private practice, attending births at home, in birth centers, and in hospitals.  I have delivered 1577 babies myself, and have been present in some capacity at thousands of births.

Enneagram                        I discovered the Enneagram in the 90’s, and found it to be an invaluable tool for understanding oneself and others.  I read many books and attended many conferences, workshops, and trainings.  In 2000, I became a certified enneagram teacher by completing Level I and Level II training with Theodore Donson and Kathy Hurley.

 —Astrology                        My esoteric studies eventually led me to astrology in 2002.  I studied on my own, then decided to attend Kepler College, where I received a bachelor’s degree in astrology in 2007.  At Kepler I was exposed to the long history of astrology and the many forms it has taken.  I resonated most with Vedic astrology, so I took the two-year training at The American College of Vedic Astrology.  I am in the process of preparing for the certifying exams for each of the two levels.

Life Coaching            At the end of my Vedic astrology training, I was introduced to the idea of using life coaching as an adjunct to astrology.  Instead of merely pointing out the difficulties in the client’s chart, coaching is a way to work with them.  I completed the one-year coaching training through the Quantum Success Coaching Academy and became a certified Law of Attraction coach in 2012.

Other Modalities 

In addition, I have trained in the following:

Guided Self Healing, 2 year training

Healing From the Body Level Up, 3 seminars

BodyTalk, certified practitioner

Reiki, trained in 3 levels

Emotional Freedom Technique, weekend seminar

The Sedona Method, 3 day training

Human Design, currently studying


I’m now excited to be able to offer services that draw on all the modalities I have learned.

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